Fadeout: A Novel

Something sinister is happening in Rainbow Ridge. Kara Sullivan’s mother disappeared without a trace from Rainbow Ridge, Nevada, when Kara was four years old. Twenty-five years later, more people are vanishing, along with livestock and landmarks.

Kara is now a lawyer living in Reno. She’s happy in her practice and a new relationship, and has no intention of ever returning to her small hometown, where she grew up in the shadow of whispers. But with her cousin missing and presumed dead, Kara returns to the town to help her grandmother care for her cousins son Tommy and is drawn into the mystery.

Risking her career, her relationship, and possibly her life, Kara teams up with her high school flame Doug, now a Deputy Sheriff, to find out what is happening and why. Will Doug and Kara get to the bottom of the disappearances, or will they be the next to vanish?